Workplace Wellbeing


Corporate Wellbeing - Connecting Body, Mind & Business in a Meaningful Way


In a competitive business world companies discover gradually that staff well-being is becoming an increasingly relevant and necessary consideration to retain qualified staff and avoid having to retrain new staff due to constant employee turnover or absenteeism due to illness. Companies need to factor in what is the true cost of unhealthy and unhappy employees who spend most of their creative time dreaming about the next job because they feel unappreciated or unfulfilled in their current one.

Well-being in simplified terms is about proper, simple and dense nutrition, personal finances management - staying or getting out of debt, emotional health and spiritual aspects (on a broader non-religious context) and learning mindfulness tools to handle stress and anxiety in more effective ways.

In a nutshell this means not allowing work to undermine our basic purposes and needs in our lives, and by extension those of our families and loved ones. In this regard well-being is becoming a hugely significant factor of our current work environments. Many facets of work do not consider human core life needs in order to truly thrive and enable the individual to happily share and give his/her best service. Mind, body and soul aspects are often sacrificed for hard core profit oriented purposes. Recent statistical trends show a new phenomenon called PRESENTEEISM (being at work but not able to deliver 100% focus and energy because the employee is ill and is just showing up out of fear to lose his/her job).


The overall rapid decline in health is mostly caused by poor dietary choices of our 21st century junk food society. Junk food is called junk because it has zero body and mind nourishing nutrients in it and is mostly comprised of food additives, GMO (genetically modified organism), toxic sweeteners and other non-beneficial mass produced ingredients. The demands of a modern fast paced business environment especially take a tool on people who have less than optimal levels of energy and health and a compromised immune system due to lack of knowledge and time to get properly educated on right life management choices. Sick employees cause companies more expenses than it would cost them to hire a professional coach who can either help

  • establish permanent wellbeing measures,
  • individual coaching for high level management
  • and eye-opening workshops for the general workforce.

  • Strategic wellbeing is the new currency for employee happiness and retention. Unhappy employees are known for delivering poor work results due to sickness or lack of motivation and life energy.


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