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September 5, 2017
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Disembark from Hive Mind Thinking Through

Autodidactic Self-Learning!


“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”
-Baron Thomas Dewar

There is an old saying that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
Change of economic and entrepreneurial landscape requires to move from collectivism
(sold as capitalism with a catch) to real individualism.

Due to automation and AI hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost in the coming years.

Prepare yourself to not become redundant!

Become an Independent Thinker and Self-Taught Learner in the Prestigious University of Life!

Old paradigm: Institutional learning is old and boring stuff. It kills creativity. It motivates through fear and robs you of your precious life-time and creative juices.

When it comes to educating yourself you can chose to be neither codependent nor dependent but simply independent. Become a seeker of true knowledge using an interdependent web of information. Stop limiting your educational mobility and do not restrict it to one type or form of education only, which usually comes along as prepackaged, structured and geared towards leading you to the mainstream opinion about how things are supposed to work.

Open your mind to a grander scheme of possibility and take advantage of all the knowledge that both traditional and non-traditional education systems offer, so that you’re able to eventually contribute your own unique knowledge back into the ever increasing global knowledge pool.

Strategically seek out various forms of self-education ranging from old fashioned library, bookstore, museum visit to seemingly endless possibilities on the internet (paid and unpaid options). You determine what, when, and how you will learn and what you incorporate into your business, job and life.

If you do what everyone else does, you will most likely be made redundant,

like many, as their jobs face to be extinct by automation.


Become an autodidact! Start connecting the dots.

Develop a whole new mind and most important of all: Step out of hive-mind thinking – as this leads to death of society through uniformity and conformism.

Read voraciously, stack up on books, and read online. Watch documentaries, listen to alternative news outlets on Youtube, educate yourself on all matters that are happening in the world (including spiritual growth). Engage in “new think” and don’t lock yourself into a fixed belief system.

Avoid or heavily reduce Facebook time as it distracts and fragments the mind due to its nature of serving snippets of information and it is a huge data collection tech apparatus.

Develop new perspectives by attending seminars, local workshops, and online classes about topics you have never looked into before. Write spontaneous insights and new information down in journals, diaries, blogs, articles, or compose your own essays about your personal Aha-moments.


Step Outside the Mainstream Box

Once you chose to become an autonomous student in the university of life confidence increases with more knowledge about how the world works. Adopt the mind of a self-directed learner at all times in every situation you are facing – cultivate the art of watching your own thoughts (hint: negative self-talk often hinders us to do what we want or to achieve what we desire in life, e.g. financial freedom and independence of and from any “boxes and systems” such as hive mind behavior and mindless order following.


Make self-education and self-awareness your primary way of getting an “Education for life”.


Develop Your Personalized Learning System

Embark on a passionate journey for real knowledge (beyond the corporate sponsored collectivism lure), up-level your strategy for further learning. Embrace the concept of un-learning old, no longer useful concepts. Synthesize and transition outdated thinking patterns into a new more energizing and inspiring paradigm. Imagine how your business and life is really meant to be.

Become a business owner who strives to provide truly needed products and services to the world and stop duplicating what everyone else is doing. Be flexible and non-dogmatic, built for knowledge that continually recycles itself, otherwise creativity and curiosity die a horrible death on Dogma’s executioner’s block.

Be self-dynamic and self-overcoming through seeking better ways to solve old problems. You can dive into many forms of expression from brainstorm or meditative writing, artistic or musical expression, video blogging, or just simply journal writing.

Personalize your process to fit your unique way of seeing the world, and thus your unique way of learning about the world. This will lead you to ever deeper insights about how the world really works.


Irrespective of your chosen method, self-discipline is paramount.



Bridge the Gap Between Different Domains of Knowledge

Are you willing to unlearn what you have learned through traditional forms of “indoctrination” in order to connect what doesn’t appear to be connectable? Start to be curious, ask questions, decipher “what you really like doing” and then let nothing stop you and jump right into learning everything you can about that thing.

Eventually you get to a point where that thing is connected to another thing. And so you learn about that other thing –  researching one topic leads to next and the next. If you keep doing this continuously – before you know it, you’ve spanned a myriad of different but related domains of knowledge and as a windfall “side-effect” you have changed your world view 180°C and developed priceless wisdom along the way.

Reimagine and re-invent yourself and the world around you

Reformate your conditioning and shatter the current mental paradigm of being caged into a narrow box of mainstream hive-mind behavior and thinking alike. Dare to flatten the box that society has crafted around you to keep you locked into the “system”. Transcend the going political fake correctness and free your mind to cultivate a Beginner’s Mind.

However, here’s the catch:

Living a life of mental freedom will take one of the most difficult actions

a human being can take: A leap of courage!


Do you feel stuck in a rut of ever repeating the same patterns and not getting positive results? Courageous enough to want to learn more about how to become a new entrepreneur or simply dare to become an independent thinker? Get “off the beaten mainstream track” insights and learn how to set up your business in an economic and insightful way.  

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