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The New Entrepreneur

Personal growth is inevitable. If we stay in the same chamber (place of comfort), and don’t move on we will eventually become stagnant. By the same token, once we grow and move to a new chamber (area in life) we can never go back. Once started we must continue to move on to bigger spaces in the course of our life and leave the past behind.

This is a beautiful analogy for business. Once you chose to move outside your comfort zone to become an entrepreneur and run your own business, you need to invest in yourself as well as your business. When you acquire the necessary confidence and develop the right skill set and knowledge, it will protect and help you to discern what is relevant and what is not. Although mistakes are part of being an entrepreneur.

Is there a period of risk ? Certainly yes, and you can learn how to navigate it professionally!

We assist individuals to go through the transition either from

• employee status to new entrepreneur or
• new market entrant to setting up a business professionally

We help empower aspiring entrepreneurs to strike a balance between leaving behind the old and moving into a new space, a challenging but rewarding process if done in proper order.

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What’s Your Story?

Are you Planning to Become an Inspiring Entrepreneur?

Business is, and always has been, the art of building lasting relationships and trust that builts loyalty.
Find out how you can adapt to future requirements of society & business. In a rapidly changing world of disruptive technology, changing financial and economic landscapes you need to be prepared to meet the challenges - mentally not only technically!

Look at business not only in terms of numbers, data, tech, facts and figures. We are human beings dealing with other human beings. That requires a number of skills! Ask yourself what are the traits required to be a business success? A capacity for intelligent work, certainly. An appetite for growth - personally and financially, no doubt. Determination and a resilience dealing with set-backs, absolutely.

What about self-awareness and self-management?

Self-awareness gives the entrepreneur an unwavering sense of self-confidence through the ability to recognise one’s own feelings, assess them calmly and engage in constructive self-reflection, a long lost ability in today’s fast paced business world. Self-management is crucial to avoid “getting lost in translation”. Pursuing primary goals includes the ability to cultivate delaying instant gratification for the larger goal. It also encompasses the ability to adapt and innovate – essential attributes as a business grows and changes. 

Coaching is a Passion for Discovery—not just a business!

Join our coaching series and meet Christine Orth, Owner of Global Office FZE, based in UAE for more than 15+ years.
Christine has been training new entrepreneurs and helping international investors to set up their business for more than 18+ years.

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