Do You Really Want Your Company to be Run by Robots?

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May 10, 2017
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July 20, 2017
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Do You Really Want Your Company to be Run by Robots?

Smart Grid, smart meters, police robots, implantable mobile phones, 3D-printed organs for transplant, clothes and reading-glasses connected to the Internet.


This is only a very short list of what is being currently introduced into mainstream media and our reality. It seems that Artificial Intelligence is to become our inevitable future. The IoT (internet-of-things) seems unstoppable as the mainstream media keeps pushing for it on all fronts. RFID (radio-frequency identification) chipping of people already being done. Many people think this is progress not realizing that everything has a bright and a dark side.

To the technic phobic many such things may sound like science fiction today but they will be scientific fact probably latest by 2025 as the world enters an era of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and gene editing. (Source: World Economic Forum (WEF)


Companies are heavily pushed to implement artificial intelligence machines to make processes cheaper and allegedly “user-friendlier”

The bottom line is millions of people will and are already losing their jobs by being replaced with a robot that doesn’t need a break, vacation or salary. All it needs is technical maintenance and even that is supposed to be done by AI in the future.  Artificial Intelligence is supposed to program itself and also learn how to improve itself. This takes the human being completely out of the equation. Those who are heavily pushing this technology apparently think that Humans are no longer needed in this Orwellian dystopic world of virtual reality.


Is that really what everybody wants? Lose their job and live on Universal Basic Income that barely allows you to have any form of freedom or right to property?!

After steam, mass production and information technology, the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” brings ever faster cycles of innovation, posing huge challenges to companies, workers, governments and societies alike.

The promise is cheaper goods and services, driving this new wave of economic growth. The threat is mass unemployment and a further breakdown of already strained trust between corporations and populations. The question is once all the human workforce has largely been replaced with robots who will then have enough money left to buy all the wonderful goods and services produced by cold algorithmic controlled machines?

Robots are big time on the march, moving from factories into homes, hospitals, shops, restaurants and war zones, while advances in areas like artificial neural networks are starting to blur the barriers between man and machine.


Time to start worrying what machine can do to humanity instead of embracing every new piece of technology as a blessing?

There are always two sides of a coin. When something looks too good to be true there is always a catch to it. If AI becomes humanity’s inescapable watch dog and humans are being merged with machine then obviously humanity agrees to become an endangered and dying species on this planet of technocratic worshippers and eager technology pushers.


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