12 Commandments to become an inspiring Entrepreneur (and Human Being)

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July 20, 2017
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12 Commandments to become an inspiring Entrepreneur (and Human Being)

We are living in Orwellian times of rapid change and massive confusion. Keeping your intuition alive plus following best practices is a great combination for positive results on the way to authenticity and becoming an inspired and inspiring entrepreneur.

The world needs individuals with vision, focus, integrity and clarity. That is what is REALLY needed.

Governments and big corporations are pushing automation at an ever increasing speed to a point where many people worldwide end up in a state I call USA Syndrome – United States of Anxiety. Uncertainty and constant change combined with a plethora of new rules, laws, regulations make life more perillious than ever before. Nobody knows yet where this will end – in a dystopian future?

Or will mankind manage to find a more humane and beneficial way to further use and implement new technology instead of becoming dominated and ruled over by Artificial Intelligence and automation that will wipe out millions of jobs worldwide.


A truly inspiring Entrepreneur needs a combination of the qualities

listed here:


1.Invest heavily in yourself

Investing in yourself is key to become successful in managing your own life and your business. Investment is taking out the time to learn and acquire truthful knowledge. Today there are so many avenues to take to gain new insights, experience and powerful knowledge off the beaten track. There are a multitude of free tutorials on literally everything on Youtube. Moreover, there is a plethora of Online-Congresses featuring every topic you can possible want to learn about from health to business and personal life management for free. Last but not least, look for a highly experienced coach or mentor when you get stuck. The best advisors are those who do not boost their resume or MBAs but give you truly insightful advice based on their own life experience and what they have learnt from their own failures. Failures are often our best teachers once we realize the lesson was a stepping stone to something bigger…


2. Be curious

Never stop learning and questioning. Look into everything off the beaten track. Avoid mainstream information from TV, newspapers, magazines or conventional business books. They only teach you stuff everybody else also knows. If you want to be unique and find your niche you have to step out of the box of conventional thinking, behaving and traditional so called biz-skills learning. Don’t waste your time in excessively overpriced “indoctrination camps”, aka business schools, giving you pre-formatted ideas about everything and drain your creative thinking power. The modern school system is geared towards producing uniform corporate soldiers who think inside instead of outside the box!  The most successful entrepreneurs are those who dropped out of school early and never got advanced degrees. A new fledgling trend around the world is home schooling instead of sending children to government imposed prison camps – called school – that keep children deliberately away from their true nature of expressing their unique talents.


3. Trust yourself not others

This is one the most important lessons to learn. You can obtain all kinds of information and advice from friends, family, colleagues but in the end, you need to synthesize all the data and information and learn to discern what is truly useful for your own path and trust yourself. When it comes to business or financial decisions never act on anybody’s advice without reflection, do your own research and most important start listening to your own inner voice.


4. Surround yourself with highly creative and authentic people

In today’s world we meet all kinds of (fake and plastic) people, many of which are simply order followers without little or no creative juices left in them. Avoid inauthentic people like the plague, they are draining you of your vital life energy. They usually have not much energy of their own so they try to get it from other people by talking at them, never listen to what others say, constantly interrupt, not interested in self-awareness and no moral compass to stear their life. If you cannot find creative people in your real life go to Youtube there are plenty of highly creative people where you can draw positive inspiration from or seek to join or create your own online-group of likeminded people.


5. Take self-responsibility and avoid the popular blame game

If you want to become a successful and inspiring entrepreneur you need to accept self-responsibility for all your actions, decisions and failures. Do not waste your precious life time engaging in any blame games, pointing fingers at others. Instead look for solutions to every challenging situation. In fact there are more solutions than problems. All we have to do is change focus from limitation or imitation to possibility. A lot of people try to model themselves according to other individuals who they admire, rather than stepping into their own authenticity. As long as we try to be someone else, rather than ourselves, we will not draw the right type of client or situation into our life!


6. Jump – Take risk – if you fall dust yourself off and start new

There comes a time where all preparation and theory has to be put into practical action. Some people spend little to no time in getting prepared and jump too soon and fail. Other people spend too much time in analyzing and end up in “analysis paralysis syndrome”, unable to determine which way to go because they have amassed so much information that they cannot decide on what to act upon. You need to find the golden wisdom way, have a solid background in what you want to offer as a business and ground yourself in positive action and profound knowledge and learn everything you can about managing money and staying out of debt. Our global economy is mostly based on the perpetuous growth model of debt-financing. Although a loan may be something you need to start you off in the beginning, but make sure you get out of debt ASAP. You will never be truly free if you are a slave to the bank or other institutions or people who lend you money – often on exaggerated interest terms.


7.  Be patient and persistent

Sometimes things do not immediately go in the direction we want them to go. Frustration is something every entrepreneur has to go through from time to time. There can be lengthy periods of investing time and money into making something work or gain enough knowledge to be confident to roll it out as a business. Persistence is your key to finally making a breakthrough.


8.  Use humor – laugh about your own shortcomings but don’t repeat them

Very often we get too critical and harsh with ourselves. Beat ourselves up verbally through our inner critic. This is something you need to deal with early on in the process and learn to transform negative voices in your head. It’s ok to make mistakes and look silly from time to time. Just laugh about yourself and take the learning from this situation where you screwed up and don’t repeat the same mistake! A mistake repeated more than two times becomes a habit. Humor is the best thing to combat our own failures, blunders and shortcomings.


9.  Become brilliant in what you are doing – avoid mediocre people

If you want to step out of the corporate soldier world and become your own boss you need to be brilliant and top notch in what you are doing and how you are doing it if you want to financially survive. There is certainly a time for learning and making mistakes but over time you need to become a trustworthy specialist in your own chosen field or line of work/business. Your clients should have the trust that they get the real deal from you and that you go the extra mile to satisfy and turn them into long-term clients.


10.  Develop and cultivate your most important tool – your gut feeling aka INTUITION

In today’s technocratic business world too many people easily agree to fully depend on technology, gadgets, apps, Smart-Phones, etc. for any kind of advice, help and directive. I personally totally disagree with this trend because the real power lies in self-reliance and self-awareness. Technology disrupts our inner “knowing” and shuts down our greatest gift from creator – INTUITION and free will. Very often I personally committed the biggest blunders and mistakes because I only trusted facts, figures and quite often false promises on what a fantastic business opportunity xyz would be. Most of this was BS and I had to learn in due course that the old saying “what looks too good, usually has a nasty catch to it”. Once you develop your inner guidance and use it as a moral compass your failure rates drastically go down!


11.  Lead an informed life!

Do not limit yourself to mainstream information and corporate sponsored junk “knowledge”, which is most of the time just propaganda. Actually avoid any cult belief system about what life and business is about. The uninspired masses always follow the latest indoctrination fad and think it makes their lives better – the opposite is the result otherwise our world wouldn’t be in the mess we see around us. More possessions, more gadgets, more of everything only means more time to be spent with managing our stuff. The Internet is full of excellent, often free resources to learn to see the world from a completely different angle.

Great sources for mind-challenging and view altering information are for example to be found on these websites: www.wakeup-world.com and www.technocracy.news.


12. Trust in a Higher Power for guidance

Many people have abdicated their personal power to the economic monetary system that terrorizes everybody 24/7 to pursue purely financial and material gains. Too many people solely believe in the power of money, which of course is good to have but not a means in itself. Being obsessed with pursuing money as the only guidance in life, eventually becomes a treachery and slippery road. Such a false focus often leads to chronic illness and a highly dissatisfied and empty life.

Our world seems to be divided in either individuals who have no or little money, just scraping by, and are so consumed to chase it all the time to make ends meet, and those who have too much and spend it mindlessly on stuff they don’t need or become obsessed to make more and more.

Every entrepreneur has to have an economic bottom line and it’s ok to strive for material wealth but ultimately it is our true mission in life to find our way home to where we came from. Whether you like to call this home God, Allah, Universe or Creator is up to you. Just make sure when you connect – you connect to the purest source of truth. Worshipping money as the ultimate “God” has become humanity’s downfall… the world is full of examples and just trying to pray our way out of it (no matter what religion we follow) will not do the trick!

We have to live our authentic selves and act with integrity.

Everything else is a deception – of yourself and others. And deception only goes so far…


I hope this inspires you to strive to be the best company/entrepreneur for the world, rather than in the world.

Once you aim to become the best for the world, you have very little competition these days…

Everyone brainwashed into the economic debt-based growth model (which has become a

religion to many people) is involved in the rat race trying to beat everybody else in order to

obtain no. 1 position in their respective field or industry.


Authentic people create lasting businesses that serve the world! Competitive people predominantly create envy and the feeling of lack. They need to resort to highly manipulative mind-control techniques to get their potential audience and clientele hooked to their product or service.

You can choose which strategy suits you better, but chose wisely, your life depends on it!


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